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The Tavern League of Wisconsin believes in taking good care of our customers and protecting against the effects of alcohol abuse. We want our customers to have a good time and we are interested in their well-being.

We reserve the right to refuse service to persons we believe are intoxicated. Friends don't let friends drive intoxicated. Let's be friends.

We will not encourage excessive drinking. You count with us. May we count on you to have a "pacer", a soft drink, coffee, or non-alcohol beverage on occasion? We want you to be able to come back again.

We want you to get home safely. If you need a ride, we will try to arrange safe transportation home. We hope you will consider doing the same for your friends.

We will not knowingly serve an underage person not accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian and will check age identification when in doubt. We ask for your cooperation.

We will not encourage or permit alcohol consumption contests on our premises.

We will keep ourselves informed, and encourage all of our customers to help us enforce the alcohol beverage laws, practice responsible drinking, and good citizenship.