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Hi !

My name is Joey Monson, and I live in Clayton, Wisconsin. (Way up north!) My friend, Ryan and I have started a website called “Ban the Ban Wisconsin” in an attempt to stop Governor Doyle’s proposed statewide smoking ban. We also have a petition started. We are trying to get in touch with Tavern League members so as to get the word out about our website. We are completely non-profit, and are only doing this because we value our liberty, our private property rights, and the economic stability of Wisconsin.

I have already had some success in getting my local Republican Party to pass a resolution against smoking bans (I had to resign to get their attention, but oh well). But what we’re really trying to do is educate people on the harm that a statewide smoking ban will do to our basic liberties and freedoms as American citizens. We’ve also created some “Satire Propaganda” that people can print out and put up in their bars or other places of business.

I guess all I’m looking for is help getting the word out. We want to help the tavern industry, and we want to protect every Wisconsinite’s liberty and freedoms.

The website is:

I also have another website, as does my friend, Ryan, but right now we’re trying to focus our efforts to beat this ban. If there’s any advice you can give us, or if we can assist the Tavern League in any way, please let us know. This is a completely grassroots movement, so we need all the advice we can get!

Thanks for your time. Have a great day!

Joey Monson

Hello all,

I want to take this opportunity to say what a great idea to have this website. It is so nice to have all this information so handy to obtain, whether I need to find the date of a golf outing, member name/address, local league meeting times or some other info it so easy to look up now. My compliments to the Website designer, it is a very classy looking website and the 'soda gun' idea is really clever !!

I would like to take this opportunity to ask you for your support in running for the 3rd District director. I am making an effort to attend every county's meeting, but let me know if you have a particular meeting you would like me to come to. I hope you will all make an effort to attend this Fall Convention in Stevens Point. There are lots of State positions up for elections, meaning lots of hospitality rooms!! That is always fun!!
Call or write if you have any questions or concerns for me. See you soon at the 3rd District Meeting at Shipwreck.

Tuna Frisch
Heinie's Tavern
Mauston, WI