Crawford County, first week in November ? TBA

Tuesday September 5th
The Ridge in Lacrosse
W2782 WI hwy 33

Meeting was called to order by Directors Todd Giraud, Jerry Day and Tuna Frisch.

ATTENDANCE: 42 members/guests. 6 Juneau County, 0 Sauk County, 3 Dells-Delton, 7 Monroe, 20 LaCrosse, 1 Iowa-Grant , 2 Crawford. 3 Guests

Pledge of Allegiance. Jerry Day read the Anti-Trust Statement. Introductions done.

SPEAKER:  Chris Marcicano and Tom Dahlen. Both TLW presidential candidates, introduced themselves and spoke briefly about their campaign.

Pete Madland gave a very informative presentation. Pete spoke on the following legislative issues and explained in detail: The "Barn" issue - no license, have wedding receptions, serving beer, liquor, ‘private event'. The legislation for extension of winery hours and winery guidelines. Safe Ride bill and funding used for marketing. "Cheers Bill". Increase # Class B licenses by 10%, doubles production of barrels a brew pub can do, (explained definition of brew pub vs craft brewery) Increased wine production (still classified as small winery). Legislation for DUI - 4th repeat offense lose your license for life.

Nationally, not much going along. ABL meeting in a couple weeks in Wash DC. Utah is first state to pass 0.05. Gave statistics for other driving impairments: i.e. DWO - Driving While Old – 65 over older is the same as driving at 0.05. Hand-free is 0.08; texting is .10.

TLW Office Staff change - addition of Lori Schick as an executive assistant. Duties are to oversee staff which will allow Pete to do more road-work, membership recruitments, etc. .

Steve Vann – accountant, safe ride. Spoke about Membership benefits: US Bank – Credit card program, guarantee lowest processing rate, guaranteed never to go up, no contract, rates will go down as more TLW members participate. Can assist in getting you out of contracts. ASCAP and BMI – BMI TLW 10% discount every year. ASCAP 10% first year, but working on expanding to every year. Football Mania – sweepstakes so can sell anytime and will process ticket back to starting game #1, honoring all 17 weeks regardless of when turned in. TLW Calendars 10,000 calendars sold, however, note extras are printed as there are always lost tickets, etc. Building Blocks - need to be done and will be contacting delinquent leagues. Change in current ByLaws with vote at convention: Vice president 1 year vs 2 year change in title; 1 year vice president to District Vice President. 2 Year will remain the same - Zone Vice President.

Secretary’s report – Copies of the minutes were distributed. Notify Sherry of any events you want on the website. Motion made and seconded to approve secretary’s report.
Treasurer’s report accepted as read by Todd Giraud.
● Executive report Jim Pickett: Deferred executive report as Pete completed this. Jim reported some health issues he will be addressing over the next months. Thoughts and prayers to Jim for successful surgery and speedy recovery.

Membership Drive – Pete talked about good recruitment tips. "12/6/1" Wisconsin is one of 12 states with no road blocks. Wisconsin is one of 6 states without Dram shop. Wisconsin is only state -- 1st time DUI is not criminal offense. TLW members save 5% on workman’s comp insurance. On Premise magazine will be having an issue focusing on membership with many good articles on benefits and successes of TLW and this will be sent to every license holder in the state.
Nominations/Elections – 1 year Zone V P -- Jim Pickett nominated. 1 year District Director - Todd Giraud nominated. 2 year Director - Tuna Frisch nominated/declined. Keith Koehler nominated. Mike Brown nominated.
Raffle/fundraiser - Raffle tickets printed. Todd read off the ticket assignments for each county to be picked up after meeting. Reminder to turn in all tickets, sold/unsold and monies on the first day of the convention so there is time to sell any unsold tickets and time to organize the sold tickets and monies.
Pool Tourney - Holly reported date will be February 23-25th. The venue has not changed from last year. Successful last kyear and would like to keep everything pretty much the same. Each local league provides $200 table sponsors, either contact vendors, establishments or local leagues may sponsor. For prize donations, again encouraged 'prize baskets' from local leagues or other significant prizes, these generate interest and make for a good raffle. 
Finance/legal Committee – Todd and Mike Brown. Matching funds turn in by convention $800.
Hospitality Party- Appleton Hospitality Party will be at the Camelot on Tuesday from 5-7. Some entertainment will be provided.

TLW Trapshoot - Successful fundraiser. Gun Raffle winners will be posted in On Premise.
Appleton Fall Convention – Reminder to turn in Delegate lists and Committee forms timely. There is voting so this is very important !!
Wineries - Local leagues were polled as to whether the Wineries in their areas had Beer license.
Bowling Tourney- Thank you to Sauk, LaCrosse and Grant/Iowa for hosting this event. Jim Selinger, Chairman of this event sent a very nice Thank you Card to the District for the monies raised.

Golf Outing Reimbursements - Much discussion was held on the Golf Outing reimbursement of $1500 yearly (5 yrs) in lieu of having golf outings. This was to complete rotation of which Grant/Iowa and Monroe had started. Motion made with second to rescind this $1500 yearly golf outing 'donation', having a one-time donation (2016) until further needed. Vote/motion carried.
New District Secretary – Sherry will be resigning and is unable to attend the Fall Convention. So a new secretary will be needed. Anyone interested, please contact Todd Giraud. If a new secretary is not in place by convention, a volunteer to take minutes would be needed!
TLW Las Vegas Trip - LFebruary 18-21st - Miranda Beyers can try to set up some charters if there is interest as a district. (Can look into a Madison departure and/or also LaCrosse/Minnesota departure). Please talk about this with your leagues as she does need to know if there is interest to get it set up early with good rates.

Tuesday September 5th
The Ridge in Lacrosse
W2782 WI hwy 33
608 788-3969

Attendance Drawing –
Gas Cards -- Pat Keating L&M Tap and Jerry Green

Good & Welfare:
• Keith Koehler -- 50th Birthday party invite at The Keg in WI Dells on February 17th, great music and will get motel info..
• Cancer Benefit - Doug "Claw" at The Reef/Bobbers in Lake Delton September 9th.

Next Meeting – Crawford County, first week in November ? TBA


2nd-5th TLW Fall Convention - Radisson Paper Valley Appleton