Grant-Iowa County
Motor Boating Bar & Grill
Glen Haven
Monday, May 7th
1:00 lunch; 2:00 meeting

Wednesday, April 11th
Crowne Plaza Milwaukee (Spring Conference)

Meeting was called to order by Directors Todd Giraud and Tuna Frisch. Jerry Day.

ATTENDANCE: 39 members/guests. (No sign-in sheet) ? Juneau County, ? Sauk County, ? Monroe, ? LaCrosse, ? Iowa-Grant , 0 Crawford. Guests 0 .

Introductions done.

Speakers - Terry Harvath – Spoke about his new position replacing Bubba Sprenger, fundraising efforts, donations and the tough battles ahead in 2018.

● "Pick" Executive Report: Jim Pickett reported that most of the bills fought this past year will be coming up again. There is a new committee being formed to review laws and address enforcement of licensing laws, etc., working with the Dept of Revenue. All other updates were given in the Business Sessions throughout the conference.

Secretary’s report – Copies of the minutes were distributed. Notify Sherry of any events you want on the website. Motion made and seconded to approve secretary’s report.

Treasurer’s report accepted as read by Todd Giraud.

Membership Drive Discussed the new $1000 incentive offered by the State TLW for the month of May; this is for signing up new members (6 months or older expirations = new member). These new member applications(May) must be turned in by June 14th. Be sure your name is on these applications. Person(s) signing up most new members will win $1000 incentive. Jerry Day is co-chairing the State TLW Membership Committee, so he is a resource for any issues or questions you may have. There are some challenges among local leagues to increase the membership
Nominations/Elections – Senior Vice President nominations: Russ Fisher. Treasurer: Tom Dahlen. Reminder to vote Thursday morning for 3rd District 2-year Director at 8:30 – 9:30 -- Mike Brown; Chris Olson; Keith Koehler. Reminder to local leadership of the importance of sending in delegate lists within deadlines so all leagues can vote at the convention..
Raffle/fundraiser - The raffle tickets were all accounted for. Reminder not to send checks for tickets. Drawing held at close of meeting.
Pool Tourney - This event was very successful again this year. Huge THANK YOU to Kyle, Holly and the Moose Lodge for organizing and hosting such a well-run event. Mike Brown reported everything went very smooth and he was stationed at the door and didn't hear any complaints. Every team registered as ‘early bird’ so the tourney was 'sold out' a month before the tourney. Raffles went well. Thank you to local leagues for following through on their donations. P&L report was distributed.
Finance/legal Committee – Todd and Mike Brown. Matching fund reminder to local leagues. Todd/Brownie will review By-Laws for updating.
Hospitality Party- This conference the 3rd District Party was hosted by the Red Zone; location was very close with winning bid. They did a great job, great bartenders, nice variety of food. Thank you - Tuna was commended for a great job setting up these parties all these years !!

TLW Las Vegas Trip - Mike Brown attended with a group from LaCrosse and reported that El Cortex treated the TLW fantastic. There was an 'Opening Day' party and staff was always available if anyone needed something. GREAT TIME!! Recommended members try attending in 2018 -- dates are February 17th – 21st.
New District Secretary – Reminder again that new District Secretary is needed. Secretary has consisted of sending a postcard to members a month before the non-convention meetings; a newsletter as needed (has been once yearly in January/February before pool tourney and Leg days); typing agenda and taking minutes at all district meetings, monitoring sign-up at meetings, retaining sign-up sheets for incentive drawing for TLW Membership at conventions; obtaining gas cards for drawing at non-convention caucuses, emailing minutes to league leaders within a month of meeting to get info out to their members, other duties as needed (website and facebook)
ABL Convention  -Neal attended National ABL Convention in New Orleans – Harrah’s. Neal reported it was a good experience and he appreciated going
2018 TLW BOWLING - LaCrosse is still organizing - need to find a host bowling alley but intend to have a May event. Crawford/Grant-Iowa are still working on getting details for their event. Jerry Day and DC will be reaching out the Bowling Alley in Prairie du Chien to host their event. Tuna/Keith Koehler have the Dells-Delton/Juneau/Sauk event planned at Thunderbird Lanes on April 22nd at Noon. Any donations and/or teams are welcome.
Third District has won the prize money from the TLW for raising the most funds two years in a row. . . Let's keep it going!


President's Party -Motion made and seconded for 3rd District to purchase President Party tickets for anyone in the 3rd District that wants to attend .

TLW LEGISLATIVE DAY -  Chris Olson and Mike Brown rode bus and reported that the bad weather really effected attendance. (40 had signed up but decreased to 12 with weather). Attendees Chris Olson, Jerry Day and Claw gave report. In future should strive to get more attendees. Discussion held on some things that could improve this event at the state level, i.e. timing around Legislators presence, etc

Grant-Iowa County
Motor Boating Bar & Grill
Glen Haven
Monday, May 7th
1:00 lunch; 2:00 meeting.

Attendance Drawing – Holly from Charlie's Inn LaCrosse won the TLW Year membership

Good & Welfare: Tuna and Sherry Frisch were acknowledged as retiring from the Tavern League (Tuna sold establishment in June). They were thanked for their years of service as Director and Secretary in the 3rd District. The District presented them with beautiful keepsakes -- Tuna, a big gold eagle with inscribed plaque; Sherry with a beautifully inscribed clock. Tuna & Cupcakes thank everyone for the beautiful gifts and all the great friendships and many fantastic memories created over all the years !!!