Milwaukee Convention.
(Grant-Iowa in May)

Monday, February 6th
The Keg/The Patio

Meeting was called to order by Directors Todd Giraud and Tuna Frisch. Jerry Day/Absent.

ATTENDANCE: 34 members/guests. 9 Dells-Delton; 6 Juneau County; 2 Sauk County; 5 Monroe; 7 LaCrosse;
-0- Iowa-Grant; 1 Crawford; Guests 4.

Speakers - Tim Forester – Baird Investments - TLW has invested with Baird. Tim spoke about the services they offer TLW members. Contact Tim for any questions on your financials.

TLW President: Chris Marsicano was welcomed as the new TLW President. He discussed some changes that will be done to improve the State TLW website. Social Media will be increasing; i.e. starting a TLW Twitter account and also a Mobile app. Facebook coverage will be expanded. Steve, new TLW accountant, will be going to an automatic deposit for most of your checks. This will cut expenses. Chris also reported that the convention in Milwaukee the TLW will be dealing with two Hotels so he requested to keep this in mind when donating your auction items. Your generosity is always much appreciated but for Live Auction items at this convention, please be mindful of the weight and size of the items as volunteers/committee members will be moving them from one Hotel to the other. Evaluations for office staff will be held in the near future. Please contact Chris with any good and/or bad comments. Reminder of the importance of Legislative Day, it is March 6th with registration at 10:00 and speakers start at Noon. It is very important to have a good turnout - need to show our strength. Each local league will be receiving a thumb-drive with a short presentation of “Why you should be a TLW member” - this will be given out at conventions for use in recruiting members.

● TLW Executive Director: Pete Madland gave an excellent Legislative update, some of the main points were: Reported the governor signed safe ride bill which allows extra monies to be used towards marketing/advertising program. (TLW could possibly produce ads and/or buy ads, and the local leagues could then purchase them for their use locally) Pete talked of the importance of members staying involved in their local politics. The TLW has 6 previous members sitting on the Assembly and 1 in the Senate. Discussed some legislation and bills that we don't always hear about but that the TLW was instrumental in their speedy demise. There was much discussion on the AB492 Craft Brewer Guild, extra liquor license issues, Three tier system (which keeps producers separate from distributors, and distributors separate from retailers, etc). There was a DUI bill that got tougher on 4-time offenders. Discussed the BAC of 0.05 that passed in Utah; and now New York and Hawaii have introduced 0.05 BAC. The Senior TLW Vice President position is vacant and will be nominated and elected at Spring convention. Nominations are open. Nov/Dec On Premise Magazine was geared towards membership and copies were mailed to all licensees. US Bank is offering a great credit card deal to TLW members. Discussed the value and importance of membership – truly is strength in numbers. Also talked a bit about the drinking age and updates on that. For details on any of these topics, please contact Pete or one of your Directors.

Southern Zone Vice President: Jim Pickett gave a challenge to all local leagues to increase membership. He would like the 3rd District to exceed the 600 mark by Spring Convention. (He offered a celebratory dinner or drinks at convention for leagues that accomplish the goal/challenge) He noted that Jerry Day is now the new State Membership Director.

Secretary’s report – Copies of the minutes were included in the newsletter. Notify Sherry of any events you want on the website. Motion made and seconded to approve secretary’s report.

Treasurer’s report accepted as read by Todd Giraud.

● Executive report Jerry Day gave Legislative report in the absence of Jim Picket, Southern Zone VP. Jerry discussed Safe Ride bill status discussed. The Winery bills were discussed and status of this legislature. The BARN Bill was discussed. ATV laws/bills explained. (Swearingen introduced bill regarding reducing stipulations on ATV trail signage). There were questions regarding three-tier system and status of that legislation, being on hold right now.

Membership Drive Membership Drive: Tuna urged local leagues to take Pick up on this challenge and work on their membership..
Nominations/Elections – Southern Zone VP: Jim Pick. 2 yr Director: Mike Brown, Keith Koehler, Chris Olson. Voting at Convention. Reminder for local leagues to get Delegate list in before deadline.
Raffle/fundraiser - $50 raffle tickets printed and distributed to the local leagues. Please sell before the convention and turn in tickets and monies to Todd at the Convention -- Monday or early Tuesday. Reminder - no checks please.
Pool Tourney - Tournament is full. 48 teams. Local leagues turned in their gift baskets/donations. Discussion was held regarding the two table sponsors from each local league. Motion made and seconded - starting next year local leagues would not be responsible for two table sponsors; discussion held; vote passed; no nays.
Finance/legal Committee – Mike Brown/absent. Will revisit this on next meeting's agenda - Updating By-laws (voting protocol) report - Mike Brown.
Hospitality Party- Tuna will take care of this and has some work to do yet finding a host.

TLW Las Vegas Trip - February 18th - 22nd El Cortez Hotel. Big City Lights had a couple seats left with Sun Country $305 Round trip Twin Cities with bus to airport in MN and from Las Vegas airport to El Cortez.
3rd DISTRICT SECRETARY – Position will be vacant after Milwaukee Convention. Still looking for interested person.
SPRING CONVENTION  - Pete reported there are two hotels hosting convention. Crowne Plaza is full. Grand Stay is connected with parking lot, nice bar. Comfort Inn is also walking distance (no bar).

2018 TLW BOWLING - Thunderbird in Baraboo will host the Sauk/Dells-Delton/Juneau area bowling Tournament. Jerry Day will work with Crawford and Grant/Iowa to set up location and date. LaCrosse will be working on a host and date for LaCrosse/Monroe area.


ABL CONVENTION-New Orleans - Motion made, seconded to repeat protocol from previous years as an incentive to have some attendees, will cover some expenses. District will cover Hotel rooms for up to 5 people that attend. (if more than 5 attend, will pay half of hotel room expense. State TLW will pay registration for one person per License if attending.

TLW LEGISLATIVE DAY -  Chris Olson and Mike Brown will be the contact for the Leg Day Bus sponsored by 3rd District. Southern district counties unable to ride bus can be reimbursed for their travel.

TLW METAL SIGNS - Reminder that 3rd District will pay for a TLW metal sign for a new member only. Recently was an issue with an excessive amount of signs ordered. Reminder that local leagues are responsible to pick up signs when members go out of business or stop paying dues and move to a new member.


Milwaukee Convention.
(Grant-Iowa in May)

Attendance Drawing – Gas cards -- Denny Fuller & Tuna Frisch

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